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Glassblower's Questions and Answers

  1. What type of glass is created opal compatible with?

    Created opal is only compatible with borosilicate glass - COE 33. Sadly our opal will not work with "soft glass".

  2. What is the best color to use?

    As far as color goes, its personal preference, but over all the most popular color of opal with beginners' are our white and mint opal.

  3. Can I use natural opal in glass?

    No, the opal must be created opal; natural, syntetic or imitation opal will not work and burn in the heat.

  4. Can I break up a large piece of rough Gilson created opal? Will it won't affect or ruin the stone?

    You can break up your gilson created opal easily with tile nippers or rough saw and it won't hurt the stone what so ever. You can even break it up with a hammer!

  5. What are cabochons, doublets and triplets and can they be used it glass?

    Cabochons are stone cut with only one type of material. In our case cabochons are pure gilson created opal and are perfect for glass.

    Doublets are opal with 1 layer of something stuck to the opal, therefore it won't work.

    Triplettes are opal sandwiched between 2 somethings, and therefore it won't work.

  6. Does a carat weigh under a gram? Whats the conversion?

    5 carats to 1 gram

  7. Does created opal ,elt in the glass? Can it be shaped or streched in the flame? If i get a big piece of gilson created opal, can I melt it and "blow" it?

    We get this question alot. No you can't "blow opal" like you blow glass. It is slightly maluable at hiver high temps (like working quartz) but will quickly loose its fire.

    You can use it like a frit and blow the glass that its stuck to....

  8. If it is used like frit will it flow and smooth out on the glass or would it just sink in in sharp edged looking chunks?

    If you try to melt the opal into the glass it will retain its shape and color and look like tiny rough opals in the glass. The opal can be used in a frit tray in the smae manner as glass frit.

    If you have any questions (any at all) contact us at

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